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Here are the step-by-step instructions to control an LED with a push switch using Arduino Uno: Connect one terminal of the push switch to the Arduino board’s digital pin. For example, connect it to pin 2.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to control an LED using Arduino Uno: Place the LED on the breadboard. Connect the negative (shorter) leg of the LED to the GND of Arduino. This leg is known as the cathode.

The Arduino Uno is a popular microcontroller board that has a specific pinout arrangement. Here is a brief overview of the Arduino Uno pinout:

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform designed for building and prototyping a wide range of interactive projects. It has both hardware and software components.


PCB Design

  • ECAD tools : Altium Designer, KiCAD
  • Schematic Design, Components Library
  • Mixed Signal Hardware & Multi-Layer PCBs
  • Linear & Switching regulators
  • PCB stack-up & Controlled Impedance 
  • Production file generation & Ordering
  • Communication with the fabrication & assembly facility 

Embedded Firmware

  • Development Board Selection
  • Sensor selection
  • Connection to inputs/outputs 
  • Language : Arduino, C
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