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Arduino Uno R4 takes your familiar Arduino Uno to the next level while keeping the same form factor in order to be able to use the same shields. It utilises a 32 bit 48MHz ARM Cortex M4 of RA4M1 series from the manufacturer called Renesas(R7FA4M1AB3CFM).


A transistor is a three-layer semiconductor device consists of emitter , base and collector, typically made of silicon.


A diode is a fundamental electronic component that allows current to flow in one direction while blocking it in the opposite direction.

Semiconductors are materials that possess a conductivity level between conductors (such as metals) and insulators (such as rubber or glass).


PCB Design

  • ECAD tools : Altium Designer, KiCAD
  • Schematic Design, Components Library
  • Mixed Signal Hardware & Multi-Layer PCBs
  • Linear & Switching regulators
  • PCB stack-up & Controlled Impedance 
  • Production file generation & Ordering
  • Communication with the fabrication & assembly facility 

Embedded Firmware

  • Development Board Selection
  • Sensor selection
  • Connection to inputs/outputs 
  • Language : Arduino, C
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